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Nurse-Family Partnership Nurses

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Nurse-Family Partnership Nurses

Learn about the special training the Nurse-Family Partnership nurses have at University Health.

Skills to Support Your Needs

Benefit from the expertise our registered nurses bring to your partnership. You will have many concerns about your health and your baby's health during pregnancy. A skilled nurse can answer your questions and bring you comfort and confidence during this time in your life.

The expertise and abilities of our Nurse-Family Partnership nurses attract pregnant women like you and families to the Nurse-Family Partnership program and keeps them involved.

Capable Registered Nurses

You may wonder why the nurses in our program have to be registered nurses. Registered nurses have graduated from a nursing program that prepared them to conduct your strengths-focused assessment, teach you skills you’ll need and empower you to be a great parent. Your nurse home visitor will tailor the program to your needs and keep it relevant to your interests.

Working with families requires knowledge, professionalism and sensitivity. Expect your nurse home visitor to be a well-trained registered nurse with those characteristics and a desire to work with women and families.

The eight registered nurse home visitors at University Health are dedicated to making a difference in our community and work with up to 25 families at a time.

Trusted Professionals

Research and surveys show that nurses are the most trusted professionals in America — rated highest for honesty and ethics. This trust is essential because the program is voluntary and relies on you and your family to develop a close relationship with your nurse.

Specialized Nurse Home Visitors Education

Required extensive training prepares registered nurses to deliver the Nurse-Family Partnership Model of care during home visits. On top of a nursing degree, a nurse home visitor completes face-to-face education and distance learning about home visiting and establishing relationships. Your nurse will get to know you and ask questions to tailor your program so it’s right for you as a first-time mother.

The three theories that guide the Nurse-Family Partnership are:

  • Self-efficacy – Support to build a strong, healthy family and realize goals and potential
  • Human ecology – Help to navigate the relationship challenges new moms face and their social influences
  • Attachment – Promotes nurturing, supportive and caring relationships between moms and babies