Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Being pregnant and having a baby can be a wonderful experience. People who are pregnant should receive prenatal care as early as possible to improve the likelihood of having a safe pregnancy and healthy baby. Lack of prenatal care can put parents-to-be and their babies at risk for health conditions during pregnancy and after birth.

Pregnancy may increase the risk for certain health conditions for pregnant people and affect their well-being. These can also have long-term effects on community health. Pregnant people and babies in Bexar County need access to quality care, support and education to stay safe and healthy.

Preventing Pregnancy & Childbirth Complications

Access to care before conception, during pregnancy and after having a baby is key to improving the health of new parents and babies in Bexar County. Early and regular doctor visits are the best way to prevent health issues during pregnancy.

Texans can get help to pay for medical care during pregnancy. Learn more about health coverage options online.

Education about pregnancy and childbirth is key. Outreach and resources are important to support people in need. This includes those experiencing mental health issues, substance use problems or domestic violence.

Prenatal Care

Health care providers can identify and treat health issues during prenatal care visits. This care is important for parent and baby. Pregnant people who receive prenatal care are more likely to be healthy. They also have a higher chance of having healthy babies.

The Office on Women’s Health reports babies born without prenatal care are more likely to be underweight or die than those born to parents who get prenatal care.

Prenatal care often includes:

  • Regular physical exams
  • Blood work
  • Health screenings
  • Ultrasounds
  • Guidance and education on what to expect with pregnancy and childbirth

Prenatal Risks

Some health conditions a person has before becoming pregnant, or develops during pregnancy, can also affect a baby’s health. Health care providers will monitor for these conditions:

Postpartum Risks

After giving birth, people are at risk of postpartum depression (PPD). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists the risk factors for PPD:

  • Multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Lack of social support
  • Personal and family history of depression
  • Pregnancy or birth complications
  • Preterm labor and delivery
  • Teenage pregnancy

Pregnancy & Postpartum Care in Bexar County, Texas and the United States

Maternal Mortality in Texas and the United States

University Health Resources

Women’s & Children’s Hospital 

University Health offers care before, during and after your pregnancy. This includes programs and resources that protect you and your baby’s health. 

The Women’s & Children’s Hospital offers: 

  • Benefits for anyone who delivers their baby here, including:
    • Spacious labor and delivery suites
    • Large postpartum rooms
    • Customized nutrition for newborns
    • Advanced maternal and neonatal care in warm and welcoming spaces
  • High-risk pregnancy care from experts who monitor your pregnancy and delivery
  • NICU for babies born too early or with special medical needs
  • A Mother’s Place provides breastmilk storage, customized infant nutrition, lactation support and pumping stations for new moms
  • Breastfeeding classes and lactation support
  • 24/7 center for OB/GYN emergencies

The Women’s & Children’s Hospital is named a 2024 High Performing Maternity Care Hospital by U.S. News & World Report. Plus, Newsweek included University Hospital on their list of Best Maternity Hospitals in 2022 and 2023.

Women’s Health Clinics

University Health women’s health clinics are located across San Antonio. We provide:

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Mammograms
  • Gynecology services
  • Heart care

CenteringPregnancy Group 

The CenteringPregnancy prenatal care program brings together a group of expectant moms who will deliver around the same time. The group classes are led by a certified nurse midwife who can answer questions and provide guidance leading up to the birth.

Nurse-Family Partnership 

The Nurse-Family Partnership program helps moms have healthy pregnancies by connecting them with a dedicated nurse. First time moms receive continued assistance until their child is 2 years old.

Mommies Program 

The Mommies Program supports women with substance use disorder who are pregnant. The program provides prenatal care, doula services, methadone or buprenorphine treatment and recovery options, peer support, education and more.

Healthy Texas Women

Healthy Texas Women offers free women’s health and family planning services to low-income women. Services include health screenings and treatments before, during and after your pregnancy.

Community Resources

Family Violence Program

Family Violence Program is a free resource through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. This program helps pregnant women affected by family violence. It also supports single mothers and other adults and children.

Postpartum Support Helpline & Online Support Meetings

Postpartum Support International offers free, 90-minute online support meetings for new parents. Their helpline provides confidential telephone support and information. You can also get connections to community resources.

Pregnancy Hotline

The American Pregnancy Hotline provides free, confidential support to individuals with questions about pregnancy. Call 866-942-6466.