Public Health Reports & Stats

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Public Health Reports & Stats

The Institute for Public Health has compiled the following reports and statistics that cover important health topics at the state and local levels. These resources provide valuable insights into health care trends, disease prevalence, and public health initiatives tailored to specific regions.

Whether you're interested in understanding vaccination rates, chronic disease prevalence, or health care access disparities, these reports offer comprehensive data to guide policy decisions and public health interventions.

Community Status Reports

Through a partnership with the Health Collaborative, University Health works with other hospitals and organizations to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment for Bexar County every three years. This assessment includes publicly available quantitative data and qualitative data from focus groups. This information is used better inform the development of strategies to address community needs and priorities.

2022 Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment [PDF]

The Point in Time Count provides a count of sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness on a single night in January. The date presented in the report highlights the community’s effectiveness response to the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Bexar County. 

2023 Point-in-Time Count San Antonio/Bexar County Report [PDF]

With support from Congressman Joaquin Castro and the United States Health Resources and Services Administration (Grant number 22GE1HS45833), the Institute for Public Health led this community health needs assessment of South Bexar County. This report describes the assets, challenges and priorities of the neighborhoods in this region.

Read 2023 South Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment [PDF]

This report contains the most current information on poverty and income for the City of San Antonio. The Status of Poverty report outlines the factors contributing to poverty in San Antonio and offers recommended strategies to address poverty. 

City of San Antonio: Status of Poverty [PDF]

The State of our Community: San Antonio LGBTQ+ Survey outlines the findings of the survey. These findings illustrate the experience of LGBTQ+ individuals living in San Antonio. The report aims to develop inclusive language, resources and collaborations in the greater Bexar County area. 

State of Our Community: San Antonio LGBTQ+ Survey 2020 [PDF]

Impact Reports

The San Antonio Office of Equity Annual Report provides details on the equity initiatives implemented by the City of San Antonio. These equity initiatives aim to remove barriers, undo structural and institutional racism and address disparities in underserved communities. 

City of San Antonio, Office of Equity Annual Report (2019)

As described in University Health’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Strategy (2023), the Institute for Public is University Heath’s leading strategy for addressing health disparities and advancing health equity. This report describes our frameworks for pursing this work, the accomplished during its first year and the comprehensive scope of activities to educate and engage all areas of University Health and our partners.

Advancing Health Equity Report 2023 [PDF]

Local Strategic Plans

The City of San Antonio’s Strategic Housing Implementation Plan (SHIP) was developed in collaboration with local community and housing stakeholders to outline and implement strategies to ultimately achieve the city’s goal of quality, accessible housing choices for all San Antonio households. 

SHIP Strategic Housing Implementation Plan [PDF]

San Antonio Metro Health District SA Forward Plan outlines the strategic direction and actions that Metro Health will take to protect and improve the health of the community.

SA Forward Plan [PDF]

The San Antonio/Bexar County Violence Prevention Strategic Plan outlines a community developed public health approach to reduce violent crime in San Antonio/Bexar County. The report contains strategies to prevent and intervene in violence in the community. 

San Antonio/Bexar County Violence Prevention Strategic Plan 2024-2028 [PDF]

In collaboration with our partners, University Health is committed to identifying root causes of health disparities and implementing evidence-informed solutions to advance health equity and improve health outcomes. This Health Equity through Action and Leadership (HEAL) Strategic Plan describes how University Health will advance health equity. The plan is organized into five domains. For each domain, University Health identified three-year goals and specific priorities for the current year.

Health Equity through Action and Leadership (HEAL) 2024 [PDF]

State Strategic Plans

The Maternal Depression Strategic Plan offers updates and details on efforts to improve access to postpartum depression screening, referral, treatment, and support services for mothers in Texas. The plan highlights the five-year plan and actions required to improve outcomes among women at risk for maternal depression and other mental health conditions.

Maternal Depression Strategic Plan Update for Fiscal Years 2021-2025 [PDF]

This 2023 update details the most recent efforts of the 5-year Maternal Depression Strategic Plan. This report update also includes new updated deliverables to improve access to maternal health depression screening, referral, treatment, and support services.

Maternal Depression Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2025: Fiscal Year 2023 Update [PDF]

The Strategic Plan for Asthma outlines the framework of strategies that intervene at the individual, family, community and environmental levels to advance asthma control in Texas. 

Strategic Plan for Asthma Control in Texas [PDF]

The Texas Diabetes Council State Plan contains the detailed and evidence supported state plan for diabetes treatment, education and training. The plan also contains an overview and assessment of current diabetes-related services throughout the state.

Texas Diabetes Council State Plan [PDF]

Community Health Reports

Find information about heart disease and how to prevent it in these fact sheets:

Heart Health Report - English [PDF]
Heart Health Report - Spanish [PDF]

Find information about obesity and how to prevent it in these fact sheets:

Obesity Report - English [PDF]
Obesity Report - Spanish [PDF]

Find information about prenatal care in these fact sheets:

Prenatal Care Report - English [PDF]
Prenatal Care Report - Spanish [PDF]