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Transfer a Patient

Transfer a Patient

Patient Placement Center Does it All

Health care providers looking to transfer or transport a patient to University Hospital can do so easily with Patient Placement Center.

University Hospital is the only academic medical center in San Antonio and South Texas, staffed with physician specialists around the clock to care for the most complex and critical medical conditions.

Adult Transfers

To transfer an adult patient to University Hospital, call 210-358-2500.

Pediatric Transfers & Transports

To transfer or transport a pediatric patient to University Hospital, call 855-4-UHS-PED (855-484-7733).

Neonatal Transfers & Transports

The University Health Stork One Neonatal Transport Team is available 24/7 for imminent deliveries and the transport of high-risk neonates from hospitals throughout South Texas. Our team supports referring physicians through consultation, attending and assisting with deliveries, and providing ground or air transport. Upon arrival to our Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University Hospital in San Antonio, the infant has access to comprehensive care from our multidisciplinary team including neonatologists, pediatric sub-specialists and family support services.

Activating the Team

  1. Call the NICU Transport Hotline at: 1-800-616-6122
  2. You will be connected to a neonatologist from our Level IV NICU.
  3. We will arrange transportation and provide you with our team’s estimated time of arrival.
  4. A neonatologist is available for medical management questions prior to and during the transport.

We recognize families want to be close to their new babies, so our team offers return transport, depending on the baby’s condition and clinical needs.

Advantages to Using Our Transport Team

  • Our NICU is staffed in-house by board certified neonatologists who are available 24/7 for consultation and transport.
  • For a critically ill newborn, a neonatal nurse practitioner, neonatal fellow or attending neonatologist is available to accompany the NICU team. We don’t need to wait for the baby to be delivered before dispatching the team – we want to be there for you and your patients! Our team is available to attend imminent deliveries.
  • During transport, these vulnerable patients are cared for by our specially trained neonatal transport team in state-of-the-art isolettes equipped with the latest technology, including heating and cooling, phototherapy, high frequency and conventional ventilation, and inhaled nitric oxide.
  • Our Angel Eye technology provides a unique experience for parents and families to be able to see their newborn when they can’t physically be at the bedside.
  • As the referring physician, you will be updated regularly about your patient’s condition by our NICU team.

If you have any questions, contact the NICU at 210-358-1593.

Maternal Transfers & Transports

The University Health Stork One Maternal Transport Service is available 24/7 and is staffed by experienced maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) and high risk obstetric registered nurses. High-risk pregnant patients are provided specialized, safe and quality care during ground or air transport throughout San Antonio, South Texas and beyond. On arrival at our Level IV Maternal Facility, your patient will receive the highest level of care by our OB/MFM team.

Activating the Team

  1. Contact our maternal transport hotline: 1-844-MFM-4UHS (1-844-636-4847)
  2. You will be connected to a physician for either MFM Consultation or for maternal transport at our Level IV Maternal Center.
  3. Our maternal transport nurse specialist will arrange for transport.
  4. Our Physician Team is available for OB questions prior to and during transport.

Advantages to Using Our Transport Team

  • Our maternal nurse is available to set up the transport and maintains a direct line to the OB/MFM team for changes in patient status or clinical concerns.
  • Our maternal transport team takes care of the most high-risk moms every day at the hospital, so while in transport your patient will receive care from experts in maternal-fetal medicine.
  • When patients are brought to University Hospital, they will receive multidisciplinary care at our Level IV Maternal Center with on-site, 24/7 maternal-fetal medicine specialists and advanced surgical/critical care services.
  • Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide advanced care for pregnancies with an array of medical, surgical or fetal complications.
  • University Hospital is the premier adult and pediatric Level I trauma center in South Texas and we offer maternal/neonatal trauma support.