How to Safely View the Solar Eclipse in Texas
October 03, 2023
In the next six months, Texans will be able to view two solar eclipses. Take precautions to safely view these phenomena and avoid serious eye injuries.
How to Find the Right Health Coverage
September 26, 2023
Getting the health coverage your family needs is important. Read about eligibility criteria for CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare and more.
Children Face Injury When Car Seats Are Misused
September 22, 2023
Guidelines for safely securing children in vehicles have been around for decades, many parents still don’t use child seats correctly and kids are being injured.
How to Manage Postpartum Depression
September 21, 2023
Understand the difference between baby blues and postpartum depression to help you decide when you should seek help.
COVID-19 Update: New Guidelines and New Vaccines
September 19, 2023
Dr. Jason Bowling, chief epidemiologist at University Health, answers common questions about new COVID-19, RSV and flu vaccines.
5 Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-Or-Treaters
September 14, 2023
Find out how University Health is working to keep your kids safe this Halloween. Learn more about what you can do to prevent an injury while your kids are trick-or-treating.
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