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Clinical Trials & Research for Pediatric Cancer

Benefit from your child’s participation in pediatric cancer clinical trials through University Health, the only academic health system in San Antonio.

What Is a Cancer Clinical Trial?

Cancer clinical trials help researchers develop better treatments and advance childhood cancer care and delivery. Our participation in cancer research offers your child, adolescent or young adult hope and access to new treatments before they are widely available to others.

Access to High-Profile Clinical Trials

When you work with our expert cancer doctors, your child has expanded clinical trial options. In addition to studies at University Health, you can take advantage of our connection to leading groups with clinical trials for children.

These groups focus on understanding pediatric cancer, developing new treatments and improving outcomes. They include:

Collaborations in cancer research with these groups help find more effective treatments for kids.

Clinical Trials Steps

Understanding the study process can make you and your child feel better.

The steps in a clinical trial include:

  • Consultation – Discuss clinical trial options for your child, adolescent or young adult
  • Eligibility – Make sure your child meets the study criteria
  • Consent – Fill out a form giving consent for your child to take part
  • Treatment – Receive treatments at the study location (hospital, clinic, etc.), testing and follow-up care if necessary

Deciding to Enroll in a Pediatric Clinical Trial

Participation in a clinical trial is voluntary. Know that the cancer care team will choose the clinical trial that is best for your child. Before enrolling, you may want to ask your child’s doctor questions or voice concerns. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision. You can withdraw your child from a study at any time.

Participant Safety

Safety and effectiveness for your child are very important to us. View our Protection for Research Participants page to learn more about how we safeguard patients.

Explaining Clinical Trials to Your Child

Consider talking to your child in age-appropriate language about clinical trials. Ask your cancer social worker for help if needed.

Finding Clinical Trials

Talk to your cancer care team at University Health about available clinical trials.

Search the National Cancer Institute’s clinical trials database for NCI-sponsored clinical trials.

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