Pediatric Cancer Care
Comprehensive Cancer Care in San Antonio

Pediatric Cancer Care Team

Trust your child’s care and treatment to the compassionate, expert team of board-certified pediatric oncologists at University Health.

Team Approach to Pediatric Cancer Care

Your child, adolescent or young adult will benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to care. Each patient has a group of skilled, experienced cancer doctors and other specialists working together to discuss their treatment regularly. The result is the best possible care and treatment for your child.

Your Child’s Care Team

Work with our pediatric cancer care team made up of physicians from UT Health San Antonio and highly skilled staff at University Health. Our team knows how cancer affects children and understands their unique needs.

Benefit from the collective knowledge of our cancer care team, who work with you through each stage of your child’s cancer journey. Your care team may include the following health care providers.

Pediatric Oncologists

Cancer doctors with special training to care for children and teens with cancer. Your oncology specialist knows how to diagnose and treat complex and rare cancers. This includes our specialized neuro-oncologists (brain and spinal cord) and ortho-oncologists (bone) cancer doctors.

Your pediatric oncologist is also trained to use chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy to treat cancer.

Radiation Oncologists

Doctors with experience using high-energy radiation therapies and equipment to treat, shrink and kill tumors in children, teens and young adults.


Specialty pediatric surgeons perform precise operations to remove tumors and tissue to diagnose or treat cancer.

Oncology Nurse Practitioners

Your child may get care from an oncology nurse practitioner with an advanced degree and special training to care for cancer patients. They work closely with pediatric cancer doctors and surgeons to assist with cancer care and treatments.

Oncology Nurses

Oncology registered nurses have extra training to provide care for children, adolescents and young adults with cancer. They give bedside care in the hospital or general care at a clinic, administer therapies, monitor side effects and provide education about what to expect.


Knowledgeable, empathetic psychologists with pediatric training provide emotional support and counseling for your child and family throughout the cancer journey.

Social Workers

Social workers offer age-appropriate support, resources and information for your child and family about:

  • Community services
  • Financial assistance
  • Home health needs
  • Palliative care
  • School and education needs
  • Support groups
  • Transportation to appointments

Child Life Specialists

Child Life specialists help young patients understand and cope with their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Your Child Life specialist will explain upcoming procedures, provide time for play that helps kids express feelings and concerns about medical care, and celebrate treatment milestones.

Supportive Care and Services Team

Get individualized services and support from other health care staff for your child’s specific needs, such as:

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