Pediatric Cancer Care
Comprehensive Cancer Care in San Antonio

Pediatric Cancer Screening and Genetic Testing

Depend on genetic counselors at University Health for screening and genetic testing for conditions that can increase your child’s risk of cancer.

Detecting Genetic Links to Cancer

Some changes (mutations) in genes can cause cells to grow out of control and become cancerous. Risk screening and genetic testing look at how inherited gene mutations can affect your child’s chance of developing cancer. If your child has cancer, it can help your doctor determine the most effective treatment methods.

Who Needs Screening & Testing?

If your doctor recommends it, your child could benefit from our cancer screening and prevention program at University Health in partnership with UT Health San Antonio. Take advantage of these services if your child has:

  • Cancer that might link to a specific genetic condition
  • Genetic condition that increases their risk
  • Close family members with a genetic condition that increases the risk of cancer, and you want to find out if your child is at risk

Risk Screening & Assessment

Rely on our genetic counselors for a comprehensive risk screening. Genetic counselors have training in the interaction of genes and health. They help patients learn about inherited diseases and explain test results and their impacts.

Expect your child’s assessment to include a genetic evaluation along with a review of your family history and a risk assessment. Receive risk reduction strategies if your child is at a higher risk of cancer. You and your genetic counselor will decide if genetic testing is the next step in your child’s care.

Genetic Testing for Cancer

Clinical genetic testing can uncover genetic alterations in normal or cancerous tissue. Test results can help your child’s cancer doctor:

  • Determine your child’s cancer risk
  • Diagnose and manage cancer
  • Create a tailored treatment plan for your child’s cancer

Your genetic counselor will explain what the test results mean for your child. You will also get up-to-date information on research opportunities in cancer treatment.

Reducing Risk for Young Patients

Your child may participate in our unique follow-up and long-term monitoring services at the Women's & Children's Hospital for at-risk children. Our doctors can provide interventional treatment to reduce a child’s risk when necessary.

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