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Are You a Candidate for Liver Transplant ?

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Please call the Transplant Institute at 210-567-5777 for more information.

Are You a Candidate for Liver Transplant ?

Find a liver transplant program focused on your needs at University Health. Skilled and capable doctors and surgeons deliver the best liver disease treatment options for you.

After Your Transplant Evaluation

Trust the transplant team at University Health to review your assessment findings and test results at a selection committee meeting. The committee will discuss what the transplantation risks and benefits are for you. You will not attend the selection meeting.

Liver Transplant Selection Criteria

Your care team uses established national standards to decide whether you’re eligible to be on the donor waitlist. These standards include:

  • Concerns affecting successful transplant
  • Medical history
  • Pre-exiting health conditions that could affect your transplant outcomes, such as severe heart disease, tumors or obesity
  • Test results

Your commitment to the pre-transplant processes, evaluation, testing and appointments also may influence the committee’s decision. Selection is not based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference, handicap or national origin.

Notification of Selection

Count on your pre-transplant coordinator to inform you of the selection committee’s decision within 10 days of the meeting. If liver transplantation is recommended, you have the final decision on whether your name is added to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) transplant national waiting list.

Other Liver Treatment Options

If you are not eligible for a liver transplant, you’ll meet with your care team to talk about other liver disease treatment options at University Health. Find advanced, specialized surgeries for liver tumors and comprehensive liver disease management for your best quality of life.

Transplant Reassessment

If you are too well for a transplant, our team may reassess you if your condition changes. Your referring doctor will receive the summary and outcome of your assessment and monitor your condition.

Insurance Coverage and Approval

If you’re a candidate for a liver transplant, we will send your medical records to your health insurance company to approve your transplant.

Next Steps in Care

Your next step toward the transplant waiting list is to have blood drawn to determine your Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) score and placement on the liver transplant waiting list.

Living Liver Donor

Selection for the transplant list at University Health allows you to start the screening process for potential living donors.

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