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Texas Liver Tumor Center

The Texas Liver Tumor Center was formed as a partnership between University Health, UT Health San Antonio and Texas Liver Institute, with the intent of creating a unique, advanced health care system to treat liver tumors.

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Call the Texas Liver Tumor Center at 210-743-4306.

Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Care at the Texas Liver Tumor Center

Our state-of-the-art outpatient center provides a full range of services for patients with liver tumors. Our unique streamlined process enables patients to consult with some of the nation's top liver tumor specialists to receive a comprehensive, specialized treatment plan.

Patients may come for their primary liver tumor care, a second opinion on a diagnosis, to explore leading-edge clinical research options or to find out more about new non-invasive or surgical therapies.

All patients with cancerous and non-cancerous liver tumors are welcome at the Texas Liver Tumor Center.

Our Unique One-Day Patient Evaluation Process

A patient may request an appointment at the Texas Liver Tumor Center or be referred by their primary care provider. Once the appointment is made, the patient will be partnered with a patient navigator who will assemble the patient's information and facilitate any additional testing needed for the patient.

Because it's our goal to get all testing done in one day, appointments usually begin early in the morning. Each patient receives a personalized agenda tailored to their needs. During their appointment, you may receive:

  • Blood work and imaging tests performed on site by our experienced laboratory personnel and radiologists.
  • One-on-one consultations with our hepatologists, oncologists, hepatobiliary surgeons, dietitians, social workers, interventional radiologist and other liver tumor specialists.
  • An afternoon session where our medical professionals will hold a multidisciplinary meeting to collaboratively determine the optimal approach to treatment and discuss it with the patient and their family.

Once our team has developed an individualized treatment plan for the patient, all recommendations are put into a comprehensive report. A copy of the report is available to other health care providers caring for the patient. By the end of the day, patients are scheduled for treatments, imaging services and follow-up appointments.

  1. Robert B. Green Campus
    903 W. Martin Street
    San Antonio,TX 78207
  2. Texas Liver Tumor Center
    7979 Wurzbach Road
    Suite 219, Urschel Bldg
    San Antonio,TX 78229

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