Lung Referral Criteria & Process

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Lung Referral Criteria & Process

Send your patient with severe lung disease to the University Health Transplant Institute for lung transplantation evaluation if other treatments do not work.

Lung Transplant Patient Criteria

Rely on the multidisciplinary transplant team and selection committee at the University Health Transplant Institute to closely review your patient’s referral information. Trust our team to use your patient’s lung evaluation and testing results to evaluate whether a lung transplant is the best treatment.

Lung transplantation may be the right treatment when your patient with advanced lung disease does not improve with other medical or surgical therapies.

Three-Step Referral Process

When your patient meets all the referral criteria, follow our two-step referral process for adult lung transplantation:

  • Within 48 hours of receiving your patient referral, we will contact your office by phone and/or email to:
    • Confirm receipt of your referral
    • Confirm receipt of all patient information
    • Notify you and your patient of the initial evaluation date
    • Answer your questions and provide support

Advanced Lung Treatments

Find high-quality lung disease and respiratory treatments at University Health, in partnership with UT Health San Antonio. Your patients can take advantage of our expertise in a wide variety of pulmonary conditions.

  1. Grace Snyder, MD
  2. Gregory Abrahamian, MD
    Gregory Abrahamian, MD
    General Surgery Transplant
  3. Jose Almeda, MD
    Jose Almeda, MD
    General Surgery Transplant