Kidney Referral Criteria & Process

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Kidney Referral Criteria & Process

Ensure your kidney patient gets the best possible care at University Health Transplant Institute by following the transplant evaluation's referral criteria.

Patient Referral Criteria

Your patient must meet the referral criteria before you refer them for a kidney transplant evaluation. The criteria include:

Living-Donor Transplant Criteria

If your patient will have a living-donor transplant, they do not need to be on dialysis, but must meet the rest of the patient criteria.

Three-Step Referral Process

When your patient meets all the referral criteria, follow our three-step referral process for adult kidney transplantation and living kidney donor transplantation:

  • Within 48 hours of receiving your patient referral, we will contact your office by phone and email to:
    • Confirm receipt of your referral
    • Confirm receipt of all patient information
    • Notify you and your patient of the initial evaluation date
    • Answer your questions and provide support

Advanced Kidney Treatments

Rely on superior kidney care and treatments at University Health for conditions that may prevent transplantation. Call 210-567-5777 or 1-888-336-9633 to talk to one of our transplant physicians or coordinators for more information.