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Asthma Self-Management

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Asthma Self-Management

Help to Manage Asthma

Asthma is a serious and chronic condition that can be life threatening if it’s not monitored and managed well. Once you’ve been diagnosed with asthma, you’ll always have it, even if you have long periods between experiencing symptoms.

Following the personal treatment plan you and your University Health lung specialist develop is the best way to control the condition and help prevent asthma symptoms from flaring up.

Take the Lead in Managing Your Asthma

You can take the lead in managing your condition, and we will help you learn how to do it well. Our Asthma Self-Management education sessions provide adults and children the information and skills needed to manage the condition.

Each session will:

  • Provide basic information about asthma
  • Help you identify your asthma triggers — the allergens, irritants or conditions that cause your asthma symptoms to worsen — and ways for you to avoid them
  • Teach you how to monitor your lung function and how to correctly use medication
  • Help you develop an action plan if you have a serious asthma episode

The class requires a physician referral and you must already have an asthma treatment plan. The class is held every Tuesday through Friday and is available in English and Spanish.