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Smoking Cessation at University Health

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Smoking Cessation at University Health

Learn to Quit Smoking

More than 42 million adults smoke cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Statistics don’t lie about the impact smoking has on health. Over 8 million people have a serious illness caused by smoking. It’s also the leading cause of preventable disease and deaths, accounting for nearly half a million deaths per year.

If smoking is a habit you or someone you love have tried to break without success, we can help. Our smoking cessation program offers you support and encouragement when you’re ready to break the hold cigarettes have on your life, breathe easier and live healthier. In this program our health educators:

  • Teach you about quitting — the physical effects of smoking, how your body changes when you quit and effective strategies for quitting
  • Walk you through the psychology of breaking the habit, while providing support when you need it

Support You Need to Break the Smoking Habit

Studies show support and encouragement improve your chances of successfully becoming a nonsmoker by up to 25%. Along with our smoking cessation program we offer a pharmacotherapy program at our Southeast Clinic. A physician referral is required for this program.

Your team will help you develop a plan that works for you so can you discover how good it feels to live smoke-free.

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