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Brain & Spine Support Services

Brain & Spine Support in San Antonio

We believe there’s a difference between getting well and getting cured. Our team of neuroscience specialists uses advanced technology, the latest treatments and expertise to treat your clinical needs.

We know that making sure we care for every aspect of your whole health—clinical, spiritual, emotional, family and community—is what helps you get well.

That’s why you can count on a wide range of support services to help navigate the logistical and emotional details that come with dealing with a neurological condition.

Services and support available for you and your family include:

Stroke Support Groups

Stroke is a life-changing experience, and not just for the survivor. Our stroke support groups give you, family members and caregivers the opportunity to connect with people who know what you’re going through.

Our inpatient support group offers support before you leave the hospital, providing information about stroke and available resources. Our outpatient stroke support group meets the second Thursday of each month, providing education, support and encouragement.

Family Support Group

Caring for your loved ones means caring for yourself too. Our Family Support Group is a free resource to help you deal with the stress of having a loved one in the hospital. Family members of patients admitted to University Hospital meet twice a week.

Social Workers

Social workers and care coordinators are experts in navigating the systems and the day-to-day administrative details of being in the hospital, such as insurance, other funding resources, transportation and housing.

Spiritual Care

Emotional and spiritual support helps you deal with the emotions and stress that often come with illness.

Language Assistance

Language and hearing assistance services help eliminate communication barriers.

  1. Ali Seifi, MD
    Ali Seifi, MD
    Neuro Critical Care
  2. Matthew Wicklund, MD
    Neurology Neuromuscular Medicine
  3. Okeanis Vaou, MD
    Neurology Sleep Medicine