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Pain Management in San Antonio

When you make an appointment with a University Health pain management specialist, you’re being treated by a board-certified doctor with more than 10 years of specialty training.

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After medical school, all of our pain doctors chose a residency in one of the following areas:

In addition, our pain management doctors all completed a fellowship in the subspecialty of pain medicine.

Years of experience treating patients enables our medical team to help so many in our community find relief from pain. Successful treatment often involves a multi-disciplinary approach.

Spine, Joint and Nerve Pain Specialists

Our pain management physicians are experts at treating severe spine, joint and nerve pain, among other pain conditions. We’re here when you need us to provide anesthesia for a surgery at University Hospital or to help with post-op pain. Our doctors also customize pain management plans if you have cancer or have been in an accident.

Our goal is to get you to the highest level of functionality possible. There are multiple options for relieving your pain. We will determine the best option for you based on your unique condition. Acute pain and chronic pain often require different treatment solutions.

Non-Invasive and Interventional Pain Management Methods

Rehabilitation therapy might be a good option if you have lower back pain or arthritis. In some cases, a physical therapist can help you minimize pain and increase your range of motion through strengthening and stretching exercises.

Certain chronic conditions may be treatable with interventional procedures. These include injections or special procedures which involve implanted medication pumps to reduce pain in parts of the body like the spine.

Other interventional techniques may include the placement of spinal cord stimulators or peripheral nerve stimulation devices that help to reduce or prevent pain in the lower back, leg, neck or arms.

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