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Paying for Care at FFACTS Clinic

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Paying for Care at FFACTS Clinic

Patients with traditional Medicare and Medicaid are covered as well as patients who are covered through most Marketplace Health Plans.

Many of our patients who don’t have insurance are eligible for funding through the Ryan White Grant. We also work closely with other community organizations – making every effort to help patients secure funds to get timely care.

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Accepted Insurance Plans at FFACTS Clinic

Please visit this page to view accepted health insurances.  

Other insurance plans may also be accepted. Please contact the clinic to check insurance eligibility.

Funding and Service Costs for FFACTS Clinic

Private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare are accepted. To help pay for your medical care, we also offer CareLink and grant funding to qualifying patients.

If you have Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance, we’ll file your form promptly. Please pay any copays or deductibles on the day of your visit. If you’re unable to make payments, please speak with our case management staff.

Fees for Ryan White Services

FFACTS Clinic services are funded in part by the Ryan White Treatment and Modernization Act.

If you have a third-party payer who does not cover Ryan White services, and you’re eligible for the service, you can obtain them at the cost listed below.

Fees Charged Based on Your Percentage of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)

  • Patients at or below 100% of the FPL receive Ryan White services for free
  • Patients between 101% and 200% of the FPL will be charged $2.00 to receive Ryan White services
  • Patients between 201% and 300% of the FPL will be charged $3.00 to receive Ryan White services
  • Patients at 301% or higher of the FPL will be charged $4.00 to receive Ryan White services

Patients above 500% FPL will be considered self-pay.

Other Services Available to FFACTS Clinic Patients

Other services are available at your own cost, including: