Pediatric General Surgery

When your child needs surgery, trust the board-certified pediatric surgeons at University Health to provide the best care. Our team of surgeons, in partnership with UT Health San Antonio, has the compassion and experience to ensure the optimal outcome for your child.

All children’s surgeries are performed at University Hospital in San Antonio.

Conditions We Treat with Surgery

Our surgeons work with other teams across University Children’s Health to recommend and provide comprehensive treatment for your child. We treat conditions affecting any part of the body, from routine procedures to urgent and emergency surgeries.

Our dedication to specialized care means we treat conditions including:

What to Expect

Learn more about what to expect leading up to the day of your child’s inpatient or outpatient surgery.

Child Life Support

It can be a scary time for the whole family when your child needs surgery. Our Child Life specialists are here to support your child and the rest of your family during your time at University Hospital. 

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts ProgramUniversity Health medical/surgical teams and other volunteers provide life changing surgeries as part of a “Surgery Weekend” at University Hospital organized by the non-profit Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. The organization works with volunteers from hospitals around the country to provide reconstructive surgeries to disadvantaged infants, children, and teens suffering from physical deformities.

At University Health, we believe everyone deserves high quality care regardless of their ability to pay. We have partnered with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts to provide reconstructive surgery to qualifying pediatric patients. We are one of only four health systems in the United States to provide this free service through Fresh Start.

Fresh Start is for infants, children and teens with physical and cosmetic deformities who are in need of reconstructive surgery and related medical care. There is no cost to the patient or their families for the qualifying applicants to receive these life-changing surgeries.

Please email for more information.

What Sets Us Apart 

We offer comprehensive care for children across the spectrum, from routine hernia surgeries to rare congenital abnormalities. We use the latest technologies and techniques to deliver state of the art care to families in our community and across South Texas.

Our pediatric surgery team is also widely recognized for its comprehensive gastrostomy tube care. A gastrostomy tube (G tube) provides direct access to deliver food, medication or nutrients the stomach. 

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