Pediatric Gastroenterology
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Pediatric Gastroenterology Treatments

Finding the Best Treatment

Treatments for digestive health conditions depend on the condition itself. Treatments range anywhere from diet changes to transplantation, with many possibilities in between. After diagnosing your child’s condition, our physicians will determine the best way to move forward to improve your child’s health.

Treating a GI condition often includes adjustments in your child’s diet. We understand the thought of strict diet changes may be overwhelming. Our doctors and dietitians will do everything possible to make the transition easier. You will be able to consult with a trained nutritionist to discuss how to make these changes in your child’s diet.

Pediatric Treatments May Include

Changes in diet: Depending on your child’s diagnosis, changing their eating habits and cutting out certain foods may be enough to correct the problem. In some cases, those adjustments may be a permanent change for your child.

Feeding: If your child is diagnosed with failure to thrive (FTT), feeding through an IV or a feeding tube may be needed to get your child back on track to good health. Treatment options will be determined based on your child’s age, symptoms and underlying reason for the condition.

Medication: Some GI conditions may result in malnutrition because the body can’t properly absorb nutrients. Certain medications can help slow down digestion, allowing the body more time to absorb important nutrients. Other medications can ease uncomfortable GI symptoms. Talk with your child’s doctor before giving over-the-counter medications meant for adult digestive symptoms.

Surgery: In some cases, your child may need surgery to correct a digestive problem related to a congenital abnormality, gallstones, a hernia or another GI problem. Whenever possible, we use a minimally invasive approach to surgery.

Transplantation: Our surgeons are experienced in pediatric liver transplantation. If your child needs a transplant, your family is in good hands with our specialists.

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