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Community Health Resources

Community Health Resources

Visit to find additional community resources like food, housing and mental health services close to home.


American Cancer Society 210-614-4211
Chronically Ill and Disabled Children 210-949-2000
Fresh Start Surgical Gifts 760-944-7774
Kidney Foundation 210-829-1299
Medicaid 210-655-8760
Medicare 800-442-2620
Supplemental Security Income 800-772-1213
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Texas Department of Human Services
Texas Rehabilitation Commission 210-805-2000
Texas Workforce Commission 210-258-6600
Transplants for Children 210-949-1212

Parent Support

Mommy-n-Me 210-509-2266
Project Any Baby Can of San Antonio
Parenting classes, support groups and parenting library
Regulatory Agencies-Texas Department of Health
Information/Complaint Hot-Line 888-973-0022


The Center for Health Care Services
Paces - Early Childhood Intervention Services
Services for children of ages 0-3 who are autistic, mentally ill or developmentally delayed.
Medically Dependent Children Waiver Programs
Program serves a limited number of children. There is currently a waiting list.
Respite Care of San Antonio
Sliding fee scale, patient in-home care, no skilled nursing needs. Parent can leave.


VIA Trans application required 210-362-5050
VIA Transit Hotline 210-362-2020

Trauma Support groups

Children’s Bereavement Center 210-736-4847


Parents bereaved over a still birth, miscarriage or death of a newborn.