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Support Services

Support Services

University Health understands providing the best care goes beyond knowledge, expertise and new technology. We’ve built our reputation on treating every member of our health community as an individual. Beyond the high level of care and attention you receive from all of our providers, we offer a number of support services for you and your family members.

We Care for You, Not Just Your Illness or Injury

We care about whole health – clinical, spiritual, emotional, family and community – because getting well is so much more than getting cured. You can count on our support team to provide help and services for details that can take your attention away from what’s most important: getting well.

Services and support our team offers you and your family includes:

  • Integrative medicine works in tandem with your prescribed medications and procedures to treat your mind, body and spirit.
  • Language and hearing assistance services help eliminate communication barriers.
  • Emotional and spiritual support help you deal with the emotions and stress that often come with illness.
  • Social workers and care coordinators are experts in navigating the systems and the day-to-day administrative details of being in the hospital, such as insurance, other funding resources, transportation and housing.
  • Front door ambassadors are your first assurance you’re in the right place and will be well cared for. They answer questions, take you to and from appointments and are always ready with a smile.
  • Support groups are available for patients and their families who have experienced stroke or a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • There are a number of community resources available to you for financial, parent support, transportation, and more.
  • We offer Child Life support to hospitalized pediatric patients and their families to minimize the stress of surgeries or procedures.
  • Our patients have direct access to nursing expertise 24/7 through our telephone triage system NurseLink.
  • Patients are welcomed to compliment a staff member or address any concerns or suggestions related to their care by contacting our Department of Patient Relations.