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Since 1968, the doctors at University Health have been proud to be on the leading-edge of research. Through clinical trials, we can provide you with the latest treatment options. This gives you access to the newest breakthroughs, often not available anywhere else in San Antonio.
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What Is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial helps researchers at University Health learn whether a new test or treatment is safe and effective. Clinical trials can be designed to help prevent, detect or treat diseases.

Some trials are aimed at evaluating a new kind of medicine or dosage. Others focus on medical devices or managing other factors in the course of your treatment. All clinical trials help advance knowledge and improve medical care.

What You Should Know about Clinical Trials

Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary. Your provider may recommend that you try a new approach to your treatment. Or you may have a condition that fits what researchers are studying. You should always know that your participation in a clinical trial is completely up to you.

To join a clinical trial, you’ll have to meet certain criteria that determine if you can participate. These standards are usually based on factors like age, gender and your medical history.

Also, each trial has a protocol, or a study plan that’s carefully designed to outline details like how long the trial will last, the schedule of tests or procedures, and medications and dosages. Protocols help you know more about what to expect and whether you’d like to participate.

Current Clinical Trials

Learn more about the clinical trials we are currently offering. Our researchers are currently studying conditions including:

  1. Texas Diabetes Institute
    701 S. Zarzamora Street
    San Antonio,TX 78207
  2. University Hospital
    4502 Medical Drive
    San Antonio,TX 78229