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Champion for Life

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Please call the Transplant Institute at 210-567-5777 for more information.

Champion for Life

Studies have shown having a living donor champion increases a person’s chances of finding a living donor. A living donor champion helps to identify potential donors by sharing your story and educating others about living donation. When you have a champion, you are one-step closer to making your transplant happen.  

Our Champion for Life program has been nationally recognized by Donate Life America for its excellence in patient advocacy. Our program educates people about the importance of living organ donation, saving lives in the process.

What Is a Living Donor Champion?

A living donor champion is a family member or friend over the age of 18 who you feel comfortable sharing your need for a living donor transplant. We will provide your champion with the education and resources needed to share your story. Your champion will participate in a virtual training session to learn more about advocating on your behalf.

Role of a Living Donor Champion

A Donor Champion is someone who is willing to do any of the following:

  1. Share your need for a living donor with friends and family.
  2. Educate others and answer questions about living donation.
  3. Post your story on social media platforms to help create awareness.
  4. Distribute materials about living donation to friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances.
  5. Speak at social gatherings or places of worship about living donation. 

How to Participate

  1. Choose who you want your living donor champion to be.
  2. Sign our Champion for Life Authorization Form to participate.
  3. Have your donor champion register for a virtual training session.
  4. Join our private Living Donor Champion Facebook Group at any time. The group consists of University Transplant Institute patients, staff, living donors and advocates.

Contact the Champion for Life Program

For more information or to join the program, please email

Donor Champion Resources

  1. How to Find a Living Donor Booklet (UNOS) [PDF, 950 KB]
  2. Champion for Life Program Video Library