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healthyUexpress Mobile Family Health Clinic

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To schedule an appointment by phone, please visit our list of primary care clinics.

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healthyUexpress Mobile Family Health Clinic

University Health makes getting access to primary care easier than ever with our healthyUexpress mobile clinic. It’s like a doctor’s office on wheels and comes right to your school or community center.

Primary Care Services for the Family

Your whole family can schedule appointments for preventive health services at healthyUexpress, including screenings, immunizations, check-ups and more, at a place and time that’s close and convenient.

What Our Mobile Clinic Offers

HealthyUexpress mobile clinic offers primary care services, including:

The healthyUexpress mobile health clinic accepts private insurance, CHIP, Medicaid and CareLink.

Contact Us
For more information, please call 210-358-7020.
  1. Angela Reilly, FNP
    Angela Reilly, FNP
    Family Nurse Practitioner
  2. Elizabeth Martinez, FNP
    Elizabeth Martinez, FNP
    Family Medicine Family Nurse Practitioner
  3. Marcy Wiemers, MD
    Marcy Wiemers, MD
    Family Medicine