Cardiovascular Genetics

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Cardiovascular Genetics

Although certain lifestyle factors may put you at risk for heart disease, genetics may also play a large role in your risk of developing a heart condition.

Services We Provide 

Clinical and genetic screenings of patients and their family members, interpretation of test results and personalized treatment strategies can help patients live longer, healthier lives. 

The University Health Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic offers:

  • Comprehensive genetic evaluations
  • Genetic counseling, including emotional support and test results interpretation
  • Referrals to cardiologists and primary care providers
  • Guidance to help you and your family better understand the many aspects of having or being at risk for a hereditary cardiovascular condition
  • Testing for inherited mutated genes that can contribute to a host of heart conditions

What Is a Genetic Evaluation?

A genetic evaluation is a laboratory test of one or more tissue samples, like blood, hair, urine or saliva. The test looks for damaged, missing or overactive genes that can cause certain diseases.

Hereditary Heart Conditions We Treat

Frequently Asked Questions about Genetic Testing

You likely have many questions about genetic testing as it relates to your heart health. Our team will take as much time as needed to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

Can genetic testing help with my medical care? 

Genetic testing can help your providers create a medical care plan for you and your family. If you know you’re predisposed to a heart condition, your provider may recommend lifestyle changes or more frequent screenings to catch a disease before it progresses. 

What is my risk of disease, and how likely am I to pass this condition to my children? 

This is different for everyone. After your genetic test, your provider and your genetic counselor will help you understand the results as it pertains to you and your children. 

Is genetic testing right for me or other members of my family?

The results of a genetic evaluation can be emotional. Your medical team and genetic counselors will discuss the benefits of the test and the potential emotional factors, like learning that you or a loved one is at risk of a heart condition. 

Regardless of the findings, we’ll be there to help you.

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