Biliary System/Gallbladder Conditions

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Biliary System/Gallbladder Conditions

The gallbladder and biliary system, shown in green, are directly connected to the liver and also include vessels that pass from the pancreas to the duodenum. The primary purpose of this system is to secrete bile which aids in the breakdown of fatty foods.

Conditions We Treat

Stones in the Bile Duct 

These “stones” are made up of a variety of bile and liver secretions that can get stuck in the outlet of the biliary tract, clogging up the “pipes” and resulting in liver and gallbladder problems. Using the latest in laser and imaging technologies, our highly skilled advanced endoscopists break apart and remove these bile stones. This endoscopic procedure reduces and sometimes eliminates the need for surgery.

Biliary Strictures

A stricture is a narrowing of the outlet somewhere in the biliary system which leads to a partial blockage of flow, and can affect the overall function of the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder depending on its location. Our team specializes in treating biliary strictures. We are currently involved in cutting-edge bio-mathematical simulation of treatment to continue the advancement of minimally invasive therapy for our patients.

Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD)

SOD involves a malfunction of the drainage "valve" that regulates fluid flow out of the biliary tract, leading to liver, pancreas and gallbladder problems. High-tech equipment allows us to accurately diagnose and treat this condition without the need for a major surgical procedure.

Traumatic Injury

From a fall to a wreck and all things in between, the biliary system and gallbladder are at risk of injury just like the rest of the body. Our physicians have worked in trauma centers and at military bases and have the training and technology to accurately diagnose even the smallest twists and tears in the anatomy that may be tough to find using traditional X-ray and CAT scans.

We collaborate with our surgeons to provide the correct treatment, and can even perform interventional therapy in our minimally invasive setting.

Diseases of the Gallbladder

Using the body’s natural pathways to see and reach the gallbladder, our team has paved the way to treat gallbladder diseases with the latest in fiber-optic camera technology and ultrasound. We can visually inspect for signs of abnormalities and even remove gallstones before they cause major problems.

In many cases, our patients are able to avoid a surgical procedure and go home the same day.

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