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Our Facilities

Care Centered Around You

Care at University Health, whether at University Hospital, our clinics or procedure centers, is centered on what matters most – you. Our doctors, nurses, technicians, appointment schedulers, reception staff and others want to make your experience the best it can be. We believe that means taking the time to provide you with the best care, answer your questions, and explain things in ways you and your family members can understand.

Many of our team members have been with us for a long time. They use their experience to mentor newer team members and model patient-centered care. This ensures everyone you encounter is devoted to the same standard of care and service.

We Have Your GI Needs Covered

Whether your need is to have your gastroesophageal reflux problem (GERD) treated, to have a screening colonoscopy now that you’ve turned 50 or to have endoscopy to check your gallbladder, our digestive disorders and gastroenterology team is ready. We will provide you with the finest care available while making sure you are comfortable before, during and after every treatment.

Our team provides assurances and reassurance in a number of ways.

Family Members & Attentive Nurses Around You

Little touches make a big difference. Family members can stay with you up until your procedure. And, they can join you immediately after the procedure. If you’re particularly anxious before your procedure, we even let family members go into the procedure room with you before the procedure starts.

Once the procedure starts, your nurse and technician stay in the room with you so you’re never alone. When your procedure is over and you’re fully recovered, we wheel you to your vehicle before you go home to the care of your family. Our team members make sure you’re safe and comfortable until you leave our care.

Best Medical Minds Sharing Knowledge

Usually your appointment or procedure involves a doctor’s care. Naturally, you want to know you’ve chosen the right group of doctors for your digestive disorder or gastroenterology need. You’re in the right place with University’s GI doctors. Our specialists have experience in every aspect of digestive and GI care, including diagnosing difficult cases, performing testing procedures and providing complex treatment procedures. Our advanced endoscopy team has more training than any other group in South Texas.

Our doctors are of the mindset that more doctors from different specialties discussing your care is better. Two heads are better than one and three is better still. We bring together the best minds to collaborate on complex cases so you don’t just get one expert’s opinion. You get the best care available from doctors in different specialties.

Available Appointments

University Health’s facilities are beautiful and, more importantly, our appointments are easy to access. You don’t want to wait once you’ve had a health concern or have decided to have a long-awaited GI test such as colonoscopy.

We strive to get you in for visits quickly. If you ever feel the wait for an appointment is too long – especially if you’re worried about a condition – ask to speak with a nurse and explain your concern. We care and will do our best to meet your needs.

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    Hari Sayana, MD
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    Sandeep Patel, DO