Diabetes Research

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For more information, call Texas Diabetes Institute at 210-358-7500.

Diabetes Research

Participate in research at the Texas Diabetes Institute to help us advance diabetes knowledge and treatments.

Committed to Diabetes Research

Work with a diabetes research team at University Health dedicated to:

  • Identifying new information and medicines
  • Preventing diabetes
  • Treating and controlling diabetes
  • Finding a cure for diabetes

Our team collaborates with world-renowned physicians, groups and institutions that share these common goals. We offer ongoing research studies to help us achieve these goals.

Research Study Participation

If you live in San Antonio, Bexar County, or surrounding areas, you may participate in one of our studies.

When you join a study, our dedicated group of physicians, nurses and technicians will keep you and your family informed throughout the process.

Benefits of Joining a Study

Most of the Texas Diabetes Institute research studies cover the cost of visits, related medications, tests and supplies if you qualify. While participating in a study, you can also count on:

  • Diabetes care at no cost
  • Regular updates about your health risk factors
  • Monitoring tests
  • Supplies for glucose readings
  • Compensation for your time and travel

Primary Care Provider Involvement

Talk to your primary care provider (PCP) about your intentions to participate in a study before enrolling. If you provide your PCP’s contact information, a researcher can contact your PCP and explain the study.

Rely on our researchers to communicate often with you during the study. However, research study findings are kept confidential.

Time Commitment

Most of our studies last three months up to two years. The average study requires:

  • One to two full days for initial and final visits
  • One to one-and-a-half hours every two to eight weeks for follow-up visits

Study visits are done Monday through Friday, but a few tests can be done on weekends.

How to Qualify for a Study

Take the following steps to see if you qualify for a study:

  1. Call us at 210-358-7200 or contact us by email, and a researcher will determine if you are eligible for the study.
  2. If you qualify, come to the Texas Diabetes Institute Research Center (3rd floor) to discuss the study and sign an informed consent form.
  3. Schedule a visit for a medical history and physical exam.
  4. Contact us by email at Diabetes.Research@uhtx.com

Travel Expenses

Call us at 210-358-7200 to find out if travel arrangements can be made for you. If travel arrangements are not possible, you can withdraw from the study at any time.

Contact the Diabetes Research Team
For more information, please call 210-358-7200.
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