Behavioral Health Care at University Hospital

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Behavioral Health Care at University Hospital

Hospital-Based Treatments in San Antonio

University Health offers inpatient behavioral health care for adults who are experiencing severe symptoms of mental illness. Our highly trained mental health specialists will conduct a thorough psychiatric, physical health and psychosocial evaluation and recommend the best treatment options for you.

These inpatient services are available to everyone, even if your primary care provider is not with University Health.

Some psychiatric illnesses, including major depressive disorders, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia, may require hospital-based treatment to ensure you will not harm yourself or others.

What to Expect During Your Stay 

If you’re admitted to University Hospital’s inpatient psychiatric unit, we will start effective treatment therapies tailored to your unique needs. 

You can expect your health care team to:

  • Take the time to help you understand your diagnosis
  • Help you map out your treatment road ahead
  • Equip you with tools to better manage your condition
  • Connect you with a community-based program and outpatient treatments for your ongoing care

Adults who need hospital-based treatment for behavioral health also benefit from access to the latest treatments, medications and therapies. We treat anxiety and depression and help you better manage your behavioral health through individual and group therapy.

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