Pediatric Sleep Disorders Care

Helping Children with Sleep Problems

Good sleep is essential for a child's healthy growth and can be a major concern for many parents. Sometimes, it can be very difficult for some children to get good sleep every night. Sleep problems are very common and can occur in about 25% of healthy children under 18. More than 60% of adolescents do not get enough sleep.

At University Hospital Sleep Clinic, we are dedicated helping your child have a good night sleep and sweet dreams. We are located in Rio Tower, 5th floor.

Dr. Karen Hentschel-Franks, a board-certified pediatric sleep medicine physician, leads our program. Our team of registered sleep technologists, a respiratory therapist and a medical assistant aim to provide the best treatment options for your child’s individual needs.

Pediatric Sleep Lab Program Highlights

  • A comprehensive team including respiratory therapists, medical assistants and sleep lab technologists
  • Collaboration with dozens of UT Health San Antonio pediatric specialists for patients with complex medical issues
  • Hotel-based sleep labs at La Quinta Inn & Suites San Antonio Medical Center and Courtyard by Marriott San Antonio Market Square with 14 private rooms and access to all hotel amenities
  • University Hospital-based sleep studies for hospitalized children with cognitive disabilities or complex medical conditions

Pediatric Sleep Conditions We Treat

University Hospital Children’s Sleep Clinic addresses conditions common to children and adolescents:

We also provide comprehensive evaluation and care for children with sleep and sleep-related breathing disorders, including:

  • Snoring and suspected sleep apnea
  • Known obstructive sleep apnea requiring CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) or BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure) therapy
  • Suspected sleep-related respiratory failure or apnea related to neuromuscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy  
  • Conditions that increase the risk of sleep-disordered breathing, such as obesity or Down syndrome

Sleep Disorder Evaluation

The initial clinic visit will include a detailed interview by a sleep specialist to understanding your child’s symptoms, daily routines and sleep schedule. We will also require information regarding any other health conditions your child has as well as medications he/she is on (please bring a list of all medications, dosage and timing of administration).

  • It is not unusual for multiple factors playing a role in an individual child’s sleep disturbance. 
  • Your child may or may not be recommended an overnight sleep study depending on his/her sleep complaint. Other tests may be ordered as well.
  • If your child does not have a sleep disorder, we will refer you back to your primary care physician for further treatment.
  • If your child is already on a sleep apnea machine, we require you to bring all of your home equipment to first visit. 
  • You may also meet with a medical assistant, nurse or respiratory therapist to review appropriate use and correct maintenance of sleep apnea therapy.

Help Your Child Get the Sleep They Need

Taking part in an overnight sleep study is the first step to understanding what is causing your child’s sleep disorder. University Children’s Health conducts sleep studies at three locations:

What Is a Sleep Study?

Sleep medicine specialists use sleep studies to diagnose a disorder in children. We offer sleep studies in hotel rooms to help your child feel more comfortable. Our sleep center performs sleep studies seven days a week.

Services We Provide

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