Pediatric Sleep Disorders Care
Helping Children with Sleep Problems

Pediatric Sleep Disorders Treatments

Once we understand what is causing your child’s sleep disorder, we can provide education or treatment to help solve it.

Pediatric Sleep Condition Treatments

Depending on your child’s condition, he or she may need more than education. Our sleep specialists can help you determine which treatment is right for your child.

Conditions like sleep apnea often require more intervention than simple education. If your child has obstructive sleep apnea, this means their airway is too narrow or blocked. To correct this, we may recommend surgery to remove the tonsils and adenoids. This will open up their airway when they sleep, making it easier for them to breathe and stay asleep.

Other treatment options include:

  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
  • Weight loss, if your child is overweight
  • Sleep endoscopy (examination of airway when child is asleep by ENT specialist)
  • Inhaled nasal steroids for mild sleep apnea

Pediatric Sleep Education

Sometimes, children form unhealthy sleep habits that can be hard to remedy without help from a health care professional. Your child may need help sticking to a nighttime routine or learning good sleep hygiene.

Tips for Better Sleep

Here are some tips we may recommend:

  • Turn off all screens an hour before bedtime
  • Keep electronic devices and phones out of your child’s bedroom
  • Develop a bedtime routine and stick to it
  • Create a soothing bedtime environment at bedtime
  • The bed should only be used for sleeping
  • Security objects such as blanket or stuffed toy can help children feel safe at bedtime if afraid
  • Be sure your child gets enough exercise and play during the day
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