Pediatric Palliative Care

Pediatric Palliative Support Services

We provide expertise and guidance in the care of children with complex health needs and help manage that care in partnership with the child’s primary care physician. Our palliative care services offer an advanced medical home, community-based hospice care and consultation when these children are hospitalized.

Our overriding goal is to give children with complex medical needs the highest quality of life possible, and to minimize the suffering of those children through comprehensive assessment, individualized care planning, care coordination and ongoing management.

Palliative Care Objectives

The objectives of our palliative care are to:

  • Ensure state-of-the art diagnosis and management of unique conditions
  • Reduce the logistical and economic burden of medical management of families through the establishment of an individualized health plan consistent with the unique needs of the child and family
  • Increase shared decision-making between health care providers and the family based on the individual needs, goals and values of the child and family
  • Increase access to subspecialty care and ancillary services
  • Promote the development of a transition plan for adolescent and young adults with complex chronic conditions of childhood to move their care to adult care providers
  • When faced with end-of-life issues, provide palliative care that is coordinated, supportive and congruent with the family’s wishes
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