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Patient & Family Resource Center

Patient & Family Resource Center

The Patient and Family Resource Center is a vital asset of University Health. Its mission is to foster meaningful and purposeful collaboration among patients, families, staff and administrators to ensure the continued provision of high-quality, compassionate care for our community.

Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Patient Family Advisory Council Team

In 2015, the Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) was created in partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio to improve the patient and family experience. Through our councils, our volunteer Patient and Family Advisors have the opportunity to share their experiences with administration, staff, providers and fellow patient and families. Our advisors work collaboratively to create processes and procedures that improve the delivery of our care.

What is a Patient and Family Advisor (PFA)?

A Patient and Family Advisor is someone who:

  • Has a strong desire to improve the quality of care for all patients and their family members
  • Shares their own experiences as a patient or family member at University Health and provides constructive feedback based on their experience(s)
  • Actively participates in planning of processes and procedures that improve patient care and/or patient experience and commits to full participation in assigned projects
  • Attends scheduled monthly meetings at assigned PFAC location

Patient and Family Advisors provide a community voice for those who receive care at University Health. Their unique perspectives are invaluable in ensuring a supportive environment for all patients and families who walk through our doors.

What do Patient and Family Advisors do?

When you volunteer as a Patient and Family Advisor, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Advise on issues that impact patient and families at University Health
  • Share your ideas on how to improve the patient experience
  • Provide feedback on patient education materials
  • Work on projects and participate in discussions that improve the quality and safety of care for University Health patients and families
  • Give back to the Bexar County community

University Health Patient and Family Advisory Councils have been successful in:

  • Assisting in the redesign of Patient Welcome Packets
  • Simplifying patient discharge procedures
  • Enhancing patient meal options, including the addition of choices for those that have dietary restrictions
  • Organizing a “moment of silence” initiative for pediatric families
  • Assisting in the creation of educational materials
  • Assisting with asthma follow-up protocols for pediatric patients through the Region 20 Education Service Center
  • Partnering with Patients, Families, and Systems to Improve Perioperative Care in Total Joint Surgery. Received national recognition for this project at the 2021 Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Conference
  • Improving Comfort and Hospitality in the Emergency Department Waiting Room. Received national recognition for this project at the 2022 Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Conference

Student research projects:

Community service programs:

  • Made blankets for pediatric patients
  • Hosted dementia-friendly events
  • Supporting Texas Diabetes Institute 20 year anniversary
  • Created art pieces for the Salud de Arte collection 

In 2020, the University Health Ambulatory Adult PFAC received a National Partnership Award from the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care. The award recognized Nosotros: Extended Compassion in Hard Times project, which worked to combat food insecurities for vulnerable patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get involved

If you are interested in volunteering as a Patient and Family Advisor, please follow this three-step process:

  1. Complete and submit this online application
  2. Someone from the Patient and Family Resource Department will reach out and discuss more about your interest and your background
  3. Attend a Patient and Family Advisor orientation to discuss opportunities

Nominate a patient or family member:

  • If you would like to nominate a patient or family member as a Patient and Family Advisor, please submit online application.

For additional information about the Patient and Family Resource Center and/or our Patient and Family Advisory Councils, please contact us at


A Guide for creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council


Attend a Patient Family Advisory Council meeting