CareforMom Program

CareforMom Program

The CareforMom Program covers medical services for women who have given birth at University Health. CareLink automatically enrolls moms with no financial obligation and issues a CareforMom member card. Membership starts the day after your baby is born and lasts for 12 months.

CareforMom Requirements

  • Members must be a Bexar County resident at the time of delivery.
  • Must have Medicaid for Pregnancy or CHIP Perinate at the time of delivery.

CareforMom Services

  • Same schedule of benefits as CareLink members, including primary care, specialty care, labs, pharmacy, radiology, etc.
  • Primary care provider referral required to receive specialty care.

For more information about the CareforMom Program or to request a presentation, please call CareLink at 210-358-3350.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. As long as the member meets the criteria.
Breast pumps will not be covered by the CareforMom Program. Breast pumps will be covered by Medicaid for mothers or baby.
Yes, pre-authorization is required for home health services, same as CareLink.
It is important to educate them about the program, explaining that there is no financial obligation and only benefits to being in the program.
They will not qualify for the program and must have coverage at the time of delivery.

They would not be identified and auto-enrolled, but they could apply for CareLink.

The services will be paid for by the CareLink fund.
Yes, the coverage code loaded into Epic will be “CareLink Care For Mom."
Yes, compression stockings and abdominal binders are covered. They are available through Materials Management.
No, the membership will not be terminated. The CareforMom program will act as secondary coverage.
No, the coverage will not start until the day after delivery.
If the re-admission is not covered by Medicaid or other funding, services within University Health will be covered.