Rotation Requests

Rotation Requests

University Health is proud to offer a variety of health care clinical rotation opportunities. 

A clinical coordinator, faculty member or school official (the “school coordinator”) must complete the items on the clinic rotation request steps before a student is approved for a clinical rotation placement at University Health. If you have questions, please email

Rotation Request Steps

1.Ensure that there is a current affiliation agreement with your education institution. If your college/university/program isn’t on the list, email

2. At least 30-45 days before student(s) clinical rotation begin date: The school coordinator submits initial rotation request(s) by following one of two steps below.

a. For nursing rotation requests, submit request to

i. If you have questions, contact the academic and research coordinator at

b. For all other rotation requests, email

3. The school coordinator will be notified via email of rotation approval. 

4. School coordinator rotation next steps (after rotation approval):

a. Download the confidentiality agreement form. Each student must sign and return to the school coordinator.

i. The school coordinator will scan the signed form and email one (1) document per student to

b. Enter all rotation information into the student rotation request form

c. The school coordinator will be asked to attest that student(s) has reviewed University Health orientation, have basic health insurance, up-to-date immunizations and a current flu vaccine.

d. All students are required to have a flu shot:

i. Clinical rotations between August 1, 2023, and July 31, 2024 - vaccine should be administered after Aug. 1 or as soon as they become available.

ii. Student(s) may request a medical accommodation to our vaccination requirements. Please note that this step will add ~2 weeks for student clearance as the committee reviews.

5. The school coordinator will receive an email when student(s) have been cleared and are eligible to obtain their student ID badge.

Education Organization’s Faculty/Instructors 

Faculty and instructors who are accompanying their students during clinical rotations also must receive clearance. The school coordinator of your education organization will follow all steps (above) to obtain faculty and instructor clearance.