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Donation Incentive Programs

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Donation Incentive Programs

2024 Incentives

All Donors

  • 1st Donation - T-Shirt
  • 2nd Donation - $20 Gift Card
  • 3rd Donation - $30 Gift Card
  • 4th Donation - $40 Gift Card
  • 5th Donation - $50 Gift Card
  • 6th Donation - $60 Gift Card + Grand prize entry ($500 value)
  • 7th-24th Donation (Platelet Donors) - $20 Gift Card

University Health Employees

  • Whole Blood Donation - 4 hours of PTO
  • Single Platelet Donation - 4 hours of PTO
  • Double Platelet Donation - 5 hours of PTO

Receive a maximum 80 hours PTO per year as a donor.

Employees who are unable to donate blood can still participate in this program by having a substitute, such as a friend or family member, who will donate on their behalf.

  • The substitute donor does not have to be a University Health employee.
  • More than one substitute donor may donate at a time for a University Health employee.

The employee to whom the PTO is donated may only receive PTO based on the structure above and the employee cannot accrue more than the yearly maximum.

Financial Assistance Programs

While blood donation is an unpaid, charitable gift to the community, University Health offers opportunities for donors to help a patient who needs financial assistance.


University Health cares about each of our patients, regardless of income level. We offer CareLink, a financial assistance program to Bexar County families who do not have health insurance and do not qualify for other coverage.

Members of the CareLink program can donate blood and receive a small financial credit to their account. This credit can help pay for medications and other medical expenses. Other donors can also give blood on behalf of a CareLink member to provide the financial credit. To do this, be sure to obtain the CareLink member’s ID number so we can credit the correct member’s account for your donation.

Replacement Credit

If a University Hospital patient receives blood, friends and family members can donate blood on their behalf to refill the hospital’s blood inventory. The patient will receive a financial credit toward their final medical expenses after insurance benefits have been used. The person must be an inpatient at the time donations are made. To do this, be sure that you have the patient’s MRN or date of birth at the time of donation.