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Genitourinary Reconstruction & Men's Health

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Genitourinary Reconstruction & Men's Health

While every person’s body is different, sometimes an abnormal urinary or genital finding can be indicative of a medical condition that needs to be addressed by a specialized health care provider.

If you need treatment, you can trust you’re in good hands at University Health. We have fellowship-trained, board-certified urologists that specialize in male genitourinary reconstruction. They can diagnose and treat a variety of men’s health conditions to help correct urinary problems and restore sexual function.

Our reconstructive urologists have vast experience in a number of genitourinary diagnoses/procedures such as:

  • Bladder neck contractures
  • Genital reconstruction for concealed penis and lymphedema
  • Genitourinary fistulae
  • Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature)
  • Prosthetics/Implant surgery for male erectile dysfunction and male urinary incontinence
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Urethral stricture disease

Our urologists are specially trained to perform some of the most advanced reconstructive surgeries that many other hospitals are not equipped to offer. These include complex tissue transfer techniques such as the harvest of oral mucosa, local muscle flaps and skin grafts.