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Trauma Survivors Network

We’re in Very Good Company. You’re in Very Good Hands.

In partnership with the American Trauma Society, University Health is a proud member of the Trauma Survivors Network (TSN). This network is a partnership between 35 elite trauma hospitals and systems from across the country, and the growing family of trauma survivors we serve.

The TSN launched in April 2008 to give trauma patients access to programs and resources online through the TSN and in person closer to home.

TSN Programs

Peer Visitation

Uncertainty, pain, anxiety and frustration often follow a traumatic event.

With peer visitation, you have an opportunity to talk with a trained peer visitor who has lived through the trauma recovery experience. Your peer visitor can offer understanding and empathy unlike anyone else.

Peer Support Groups

It is helpful to talk with others facing similar challenges after a traumatic experience. This peer group setting offers a safe space to share the unique highs and lows of your recovery and receive encouragement from the group.


This program emphasizes the benefits of self-management. NextSteps teaches you how to take control of your recovery with self confidence and a sense of optimism about your future.

Family Class

Traumatic injury can cause changes that overwhelm your family and friends.

These changes can lead to feelings of frustration, guilt or sadness. The Family Class helps you and your supporters prepare for the future together.


Patient and Family Handbook

This valuable patient and family trauma guide (Español) helps you better understand the most common types of traumatic injuries and their treatments. There is also space to add notes and questions for your care team.