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University Health’s ophthalmology clinic offers complete eye care services, including basic vision screenings and eye exams as well as diagnosis and treatment for the most complex conditions.
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Call the Texas Diabetes Institute at 210-450-9400 to request an appointment.

Experts in Vision Care

We can help you with common eye conditions like styes or computer vision syndrome. We also take care of more complex eye conditions that may require surgery, like cataracts or fourth nerve palsy.

Our team of vision experts includes retina specialists and experts in comprehensive ophthalmology and optometry. We also partner with expert physicians from UT Health San Antonio to deliver state-of-the art vision testing and treatment. Together, our well-coordinated team of eye specialists can cover your complete eye care.

Diabetes-Related Eye Conditions

Some disorders, like diabetes, can also affect your vision and lead to special kinds of challenges with your ongoing vision care. You may be more likely to develop diabetes-related eye diseases like glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. It’s especially important to have regular screenings to help you manage your vision well.

We offer highly specialized eye care for patients with diabetes, including the most advanced tools to help. For example, visual photography helps us better see your retina, which is the part of the eye that’s prone to complications from diabetes. We also use tests that use special color lights and dyes so our specialists can view parts of your eye that aren’t usually visible.

  1. Robert B. Green Campus
    903 W. Martin Street
    San Antonio,TX 78207
  2. Texas Diabetes Institute
    701 S. Zarzamora Street
    San Antonio,TX 78207
  3. University Hospital
    4502 Medical Drive
    San Antonio,TX 78229
  1. Corey Waldman, MD
    Corey Waldman, MD
  2. Edward Wood, MD
  3. Kent Anderson, MD
    Kent Anderson, MD

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