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Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Care

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For more information about our AYA program, please call us at 210-358-5437.

Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Care

University Health’s AYA Cancer Program delivers comprehensive, expert medical care to teenagers and young adults with all types of cancers. Because cancer in younger adults is rare compared to the overall population, it’s important to find specialized care for your age group.

Our AYA program is the only one of its kind in South Texas. Our doctors are renowned for their expertise, knowledge and experience in treating a wide range of blood disorders and cancers. By focusing on the unique needs of patients aged 15 to 39, we can provide superior, tailored medical treatment.

Latest Research and Clinical Trials for AYA Cancer

University Health’s AYA program highlights our multidisciplinary approach to medicine. Everything we do is to bring better outcomes and a better experience for the people in our care.

The oncologists taking part in our AYA program have access to clinical trials through a network that coordinates and supports cancer clinical trials across the United States and Canada. We uniquely foster cross-enrollment within these clinical trials – adults gaining access to pediatric trials and vice versa. Treatment options are based on a combination of age and diagnoses to try to increase your outcomes and get you home sooner.

Support Beyond Medical Treatments

Many of our patients are just finishing high school, starting a career or establishing a family. Daily demands and major life transitions are already stressors to the mind and body. Experts agree that this age group needs extra help to successfully navigate the emotional and physical challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.

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You will have access to a large, multidisciplinary team including surgeons, nurse specialists, physical therapists and nutritionists. Thanks to a grant awarded by Teen Cancer America, we can also provide a social worker and a nurse navigator to help you with real life issues that go beyond your clinical treatments.

A dedicated nurse navigator is available to help you understand health benefits, insurance claims and other paperwork that needs to be processed. We can connect you to a psychologist for emotional support or direct you to community resources for aid with lodging, transportation or food.

Our staff takes the time to work closely with you to make sure you clearly understand all aspects of your treatment plan and important details of your referral services. We here to guide you along every step or your journey, working together towards a healthier you, providing support for your individual recovery.

  1. Josephine Taverna, MD
    Josephine Taverna, MD
  2. Robyn Scherber, MD
    Robyn Scherber, MD
  3. Timothy Wagner, MD
    Timothy Wagner, MD
    Radiation Oncology
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For more information regarding our AYA program, please email us at