Pediatric Cardiology & Heart Care in San Antonio
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Pediatric Cardiology Treatments

We will recommend treatment based on your child's condition. Your child may be a candidate for cardiac catheterization, or we may recommend heart surgery. We will ensure the best treatment option that will give your child the best chance at recovery.

No matter the diagnosis, we work as a team to determine the best treatment option for every individual patient.

Cardiac Catheterization

Your child's best option might be cardiac catheterization. This is the preferred treatment option because it demands less from your child physically and emotionally. Your child will make a quicker recovery, spend less time in the hospital and have less scarring.

Heart Surgery

If your child needs heart surgery, be assured that they are in the best care at University Children's Health. Our surgical program is led by board certified pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons who have 40 years of combined experience in pediatric heart care.

University Children’s Health Heart Center was named a designated center of excellence by top insurance providers, so you can be confident that your child is in capable hands.

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