Pediatric Cardiology & Heart Care in San Antonio
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Pediatric Heart Research & Giving Back

Your care team is a partnership between University Health and UT Health San Antonio, one of the nation’s leading academic programs.

We use medical research, advanced technologies and resources that other hospitals may not have to provide high-quality care for your child’s heart condition.

Giving Back

Heart disease is the world’s most common congenital condition globally, impacting nearly 1% of all live births. 

Most children worldwide do not have access to congenital heart disease care. Our specialists participate in humanitarian programs to deliver it.

HeartGift San Antonio

HeartGift San Antonio provides life-saving heart surgery to children from underserved regions of the world. By coming to San Antonio, they can get high-quality medical care before returning home.  

In partnership with University Health, the program has provided surgery to patients from seven different countries, including:  

  • Uganda
  • Mongolia
  • Philippines
  • Honduras  
  • Bolivia
  • Kenya  
  • Jamaica
  • Belize

Medical Humanitarian Trip to Palestine

Six trips to the Middle East by our team members have provided 81 children with congenital heart disease surgery over the years. In 2019, a medical team went on a trip to the Gaza Strip to help nine children.

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