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COVID-19 Update: Tracking COVID-19 in San Antonio

COVID-19 infections are spiking and local hospitals are seeing heavy surges of very sick patients. A lot of good data about what is happening are available on Metro Health’s website, but it can be overwhelming for people who don’t study it every day. Dr. Bryan Alsip is chief medical officer for University Health System, a member of the COVID-19 Health Transition Team, and serves on the Community Response Coalition’s Indicator Monitoring Workgroup. Dr. Alsip explains some key metrics – all now on one page – that taken together give the public a quick picture of the virus in our region, and measure the pace of its advance through our community. With the facts in hand, we can better unite to fight this virus. #WhyIWearAMaskSA

To view the San Antonio COVID-19 Progress and Warning Indicators, visit

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