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COVID-19 Q&A: what's up with the new vaccines?

In this Q&A, University Health director of hospital epidemiology Dr. Jason Bowling answers some of the most frequently asked questions about COVID-19, boosters, new vaccines and new CDC recommendations. So go ahead and get that second booster if you’re eligible, and oh yes, get your flu shot! (Opportunities to come on that.) Feel free to use any of this video in your reporting:

COVID-19 Update: New Guidelines and New Vaccine

00:00 – Clarify new CDC guidelines on masking, social distancing and quarantine with COVID-19.

01:53 – Speaking of the flu, it wasn’t that bad the past two years. Should we be worried about it this year?

03:34 - If the CDC is not as worried about COVID-19 now, should I take any precautions or can I relax?

04:27 - If COVID-19 is less serious now, why should we worry?

05:17 – When might we expect to see an updated COVID-19 vaccine that is adapted for variants?

06:07 – Should I get a second COVID-19 booster now or wait until the new vaccines come out in the fall?

06:47 – Will I be able to get the new COVID-19 vaccine in the fall if I get a booster now?

07:16 – The Novavax vaccine is now available for adults not currently vaccinated against COVID-19. How does it measure up against the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines?

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