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Monkeypox Q&A with Dr. Jason Bowling

In this Q&A, University Health director of hospital epidemiology Dr. Jason Bowling clears up common questions about the monkeypox outbreak, including information on vaccines, transmission and treatment for the virus. Questions and time stamps are below. Feel free to use any part of this video in your reporting.

Monkeypox Update: What We Know

00:00 – What is monkeypox?

00:18 – What are the symptoms of monkeypox?

01:11 – When should I seek medical attention for monkeypox?

02:04 – How do I get tested for monkeypox?

02:27 – How serious is monkeypox? Is it fatal?

03:02 – Does monkeypox leave lasting scars/consequences?

03:43 – How is monkeypox treated?

04:41 – How is monkeypox spread?

06:13 – How do you clean/disinfect surfaces that may have been contaminated with the monkeypox virus?

07:15 – How long should people plan to isolate with a monkeypox infection?

08:22 – The FDA now allows a smaller dose of the JYNNEOS vaccine for monkeypox. How does that work?

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