COVID-19 - not all masks are equal

The calls for the public to wear fabric masks have raised questions about what makes a good one. Our experts have figured that out. With recommendations that members of the public wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, many talented and generous people have begun making fabric masks at home. But it’s important to get it right. The following link is to mask instructions and patterns that were designed and tested by a team of University Health System surgeons, nurses and engineers. Please share far and wide!

Learn more about the mask design University Health System’s Tommye Austin, senior vice president and chief nurse executive, created that blocks more than 99% of airborne particles.

Stay vigilant, South Texas!

With Easter and Passover approaching, we’d like to stress the crucial importance of social distancing.

As we follow the quarantine guidelines and work our way towards universal masks, it is critical to remember that we absolutely cannot let our guard down. Fighting this virus is a months-long battle, and as we have seen from Asia and Europe, positive test numbers can easily pop back up if we are not careful.

Family gatherings are a sure way to spread the virus, and we urge people to find alternative ways to connect with their loved ones during the upcoming holidays. Our hospitals have not yet seen a significant surge in COVID-19 patients the way other countries and parts of the U.S. have, but one only has to look at this graphic of positive cases on the rise in our own community to see that the numbers continue to climb – and ignoring social distancing and hand hygiene recommendations will have tragic consequences. Thank you for helping us spread the word – and not the virus.

Bexar County COVID-19 Cases - April 6,2020

Here’s the status today: Good, OK, Concerning or Crisis.

Supplies – OK

We do not have a shortage of supplies or personal protective equipment, PPE. We remain vigilant, however, in our efforts to use materials wisely and acquire what may be needed in the event of a dramatic increase in COVID-19 patients.

Operations – GOOD

We continue to focus on our capacity management plan in the event we begin to see large volumes symptomatic patients in our location. No staff have been furloughed. Many staff from areas that are slow or not operating at this time have been re-deployed to busier areas such as Case Management, screening stations, the lab and Freeman Coliseum.

Community – GOOD

We continue to receive valuable community support ranging from small personal donations of supplies and food and cash donations, to large donations of PPE and discounts from national companies for our healthcare workers and patients. Each donation is incredibly appreciated. We’d like to thank Blanca Hurley, Jet Licon at Kay’s Nail Supply, Cindy’s Pink Ninjas, NadaMoo and Home Depot for their donations of supplies, food and discounts.

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