Meeting the challenges of COVID 19

Preparations continue here for whatever the COVID-19 virus may bring to University Health System. We are hopeful that the efforts of community and healthcare leaders to reinforce the importance of social distancing, self-monitoring and hygiene will be diligently observed. Those practices are our biggest allies in limiting any escalation of COVID-19 cases in San Antonio and Bexar County.

Here’s how we rate today’s preparedness: Good, OK, Concerning or Crisis.

Supplies – OK

We continue to have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet current needs, and we are working with our vendors to ensure we are consistently resupplied. We’ve had good success in purchasing masks and other items. We hope this continues. This is especially important since all of our staff in patient care areas are now wearing barrier masks. We are also appreciate all of the new masks and other PPE we have received through donations.

Operations – GOOD

Our census remains below our usual average because elective surgeries have been postponed. That is by design, so in the event of a COVID-19 surge we have the capacity to care for these patients. All area hospitals are seeing an increase of patients who have tested positive for the virus, but we are not experiencing a surge at this time.

Community – GOOD

We are daily overwhelmed with the outpouring of donations and caring from our community. Today we want to say a big thank you to Valero, Alamo College District and Black Rifle Coffee.

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