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How to reduce COVID-19 risks for kids heading to school

Children and school staff are preparing to begin in-person classes as we combat a rise in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations. We know COVID-19 vaccinations can greatly improve outcomes. We also know many children and school personnel have not received COVID-19 shots. The shots are not available for those under the age of 12. Others have chosen not to be vaccinated.

How can parents protect their children? In this videotaped Q&A discussion, Dr. Teresa Ruiz, a pediatrician at University Health, offers advice.

She explains why everyone in the school should wear masks. She shares reasons children should return to the classroom, be prepared to ride the bus and feel safe in eating school-prepared lunches. She has tips for evaluating safety measures at a school.

You are welcome to excerpt comments from Dr. Ruiz for news stories and post the video on your digital platforms.

Following are the questions she tackles and time stamps that will help you find answers for each question:

  • 00:00-00:48- Should I send a child not vaccinated for COVID-19 attend in-person classes?
  • 00:49-01:32- How likely is it that my unvaccinated child will become ill from COVID-19?
  • 01:33-02:30- Should all children and staff wear masks at school, even if they are vaccinated?
  • 02:31-03:00- Is it safe for my child to ride the bus to school?
  • 03:01-03:20- Is it safe for my child to eat meals prepared by the school?
  • 03:21-04:25- What safety measures should I expect a school to provide?
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