Hospital visitation restrictions remain in place to protect everyone

With the reopening of some businesses and the resumption of community services, we want to remind the public that visitation restrictions remain in place at hospitals across Texas.

Our highest priority is always the safety of our patients, staff and visitors. While there’s been some encouraging news that indicates good social distancing, handwashing and testing are working, the battle with COVID-19 is not yet over.

In accordance with the Governor’s order, we must continue our practice of not permitting visitors at University Hospital unless they are deemed necessary for a patient’s care. The exceptions listed on our website include:

  • 1-2 parents or guardians for pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit patients
  • 1 support person for labor & delivery/postpartum patients
  • 1 support person for patients with disabilities or impairments warranting assistance
  • 1 support person/driver for patients in outpatient surgery
  • 2 support people for critically ill patients who may be at end of life
  • Good-bye visit from a military member being deployed (w/military ID)

In accordance with an executive order signed by Gov. Greg Abbott on April 27, we have resumed elective procedures. All patients receive a COVID-19 test one to two days prior to their procedure and only those who test negative are able to proceed with their elective surgery or other procedure.

All of these permitted visitors must pass the COVID-19 screening process, including a temperature check, prior to entering the hospital.

We all look forward to a time when we can lift limitations and return to a more open visitation policy. We know families with loved ones who are hospitalized want to provide support and reassurance. Our staff will continue to do everything possible to comfort our patients, help them connect with their loved ones by FaceTime or other technologies and keep families informed in accordance with patient privacy laws.

These policies will change as we navigate these uncertain times. You will find the latest information on guidelines and services by checking our web page: COVID-19 Updates from University Health System.

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