COVID-19 Q&As: BA.2, reproductive health, and cloth masks

In the first video, Dr. Jason Bowling talks about what we know about BA.2, sometimes called “Stealth Omicron,” the latest vaccine questions, an old but persistent rumor about vaccines affecting fertility debunked by yet another study, and a new study linking COVID-19 to erectile dysfunction. As for the second video: Since the advent of the Omicron variants, many conversations have centered around whether cloth masks still provide protection or whether we should all switch to N95s or at least KN95s. The CDC updated their guidance, but still remind people – as does Dr. Jason Bowling – that the best mask is the one that is worn correctly and consistently. We’ve kept some original information that holds true and answered some new questions related to this important prevention method.

Omicron Variants, Vaccines and Reproductive Health

00:00 What should I do if the home COVID test is positive?

00:36 What should I do if the home COVID test is negative but I have been exposed?

01:21 What do we know about BA.2, what some are calling “Stealth Omicron?”

02:10 I’ve had Delta and Omicron. Do I really need a COVID-19 vaccine?

02:45 How do I know if I have Long COVID and how do I treat it?

03:54 How long do I wait to get vaccinated/boosted after having COVID-19?

04:37 When should you take an adult or child with COVID-10 to the ER?

05:25 Does Omicron cause the same complications (Long COVID, MIS-C, etc.) as the other variants?

06:12 What do we know about how COVID-19 vaccines affect fertility?

COVID-19 vaccination does not reduce chances of conception, study suggests | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

UF Health study suggests association between COVID-19 and erectile dysfunction | UF Health, University of Florida Health

Masks: New information and what still holds true

00:00 How are masks an important part of controlling the spread of COVID-19?

00:33 Can you give us a quick review of mask etiquette?

01:39 What is an N95 vs a KN95?

02:40 How can I be sure I’m not getting a fake mask?

03:02 Should I wear an N95 to go about my daily business?

04:38 The surgical mask

05:10 Do cloth masks still work to prevent the spread of Omicron?

06:09 Masks with valves

Here’s the CDC guidance on counterfeit respirators: Counterfeit Respirators / Misrepresentation of NIOSH-Approval | NPPTL | NIOSH | CDC

And updated CDC mask guidance: Your Guide to Masks | CDC

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